Buying Guide: Bunk Beds for Kids and What Factors to Consider

A bunk bed is the ideal type of bed to put into your child’s room. It is space-saving and can sleep several children; hence, it is the ideal solution for small homes or for your growing family. But if you think that buying kids bunk beds is as simple as choosing a color or design, think again. There are a lot of safety concerns involved with this type of bed too. Therefore, you have to be smart when buying so you can make the right investment that will keep your kids happy and safe.


kids bunk beds



Measure the Room



Before you go out to shop for kids bunk beds, take time to measure the room first. When you measure, do not just focus on the floor space but the height of the ceiling as well. You must keep in mind that bunk beds come in a wide range of sizes and heights. Therefore, you want to make sure that it will fit inside your child’s room before you decide to buy it.




Build Style



Once you know the measurements of the room, you can determine the build style for the bunk bed. A standard twin size bunk bed might be suitable for most children. But you can also find a triple bunk bed or a low line bunk bed. The King single loft bed is another style that is emerging, especially for those who want to have additional storage space.




There are five categories of bunk bed styles to choose from in the market and they are as follows:



• Twin on Twin: This is a suitable size for children but they might be quick to outgrow it.


• Twin on Full or Queen: This is ideal even for older kids. However, the top bunk is a bit small.


• Twin on Futon: You can use the futon as couch to save space or provide more seating.


• Twin on Desk: This will give your children additional space for work and study. However, it does not have a bottom bunk.


• Trundle Bed: There is a third bed hidden under the bottom bunk, which provides extra sleeping space. But this extra bed also takes away potential storage space under the bottom bunk.






There are two types of materials commonly used to build bunk beds for kids: wood or metal. Metal bunk beds have an industrial look to them and are inexpensive. But this can hurt your child’s feet if they accidentally bump into it when climbing up the bunk bed. On the other hand, wooden bunk beds have a more aesthetic appeal than metal has. There are also several types of wooden materials to choose from to create different looks and styles. Your decision on which type of material to choose will depend on the style of the room and the amount you want to invest in on the bed.



With these tips in mind, you are now ready to start shopping for kids bunk beds. In Australia, there is no better place to go to when shopping for kids beds and furniture. You can go to to find a wide range of space-saving beds and other types of furniture to add to your child’s room.


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