Services to Expect From Partial Discharge Specialists

Partial discharge (PD) specialists can offer a number of services that are beneficial to electrical systems, in both high and low voltages. Detection and location of discharge in the systems is essential to avoid costly downtime and even system failure.

To avoid insulation failure, experts advise that high voltage electrical systems should undergo regular partial discharge testing and monitoring. With the advances in the industry, online PD testing provides the best option that does not interrupt operations of the systems.

Applied during real-time operating conditions, experts use special partial discharge test equipment to diagnose any discharge condition that may lie hidden in the insulation. Online PD testing is noninvasive, uses appropriate voltages, and does not affect the equipment under test.

In modern partial discharge testing situations, it is the best method recommended for electrical systems that run 24 hours seven days a week. Unlike offline testing situations, online testing and monitoring does not need any interruption. Therefore, production goes on as usual and no time is lost due to testing exercise.

Services delivered by online partial discharge testing

Switchgear PD testing: mainly applicable in switchgears, this level of testing helps prevent any costly and harmful insulation failures in switchgears. For best results, experts use modern diagnostic tools as HVPD Long Shot Monitor to perform accurate testing. Upon location of any problem, the owner can apply appropriate repairs as required.

Cable partial discharge monitoring: high voltage electrical cables are likely to experience discharge in the insulation system. With effective partial discharge measurement, you can stay on top of the problem and avoid system failure or costly downtimes.

Experts in cable PD monitoring use appropriate tools to inspect the condition of the insulation in the joints and terminations where discharge is more likely to occur. Upon detection, they carry out pulse measurements to locate the exact pint of the discharge and execute necessary measures to contain the situation. All this takes place while the cable is active.

Rotating machines PD monitoring: in addition to cable and switchgears, high voltage generators and motors can also benefit from partial discharge analysis. These machines are sometimes always in service and the best means to detect any discharge in them is to use online PD monitoring system.

Experts use the service to analyze conditions in permanent and portable motors and detect any problem in the insulation. This enables owners to know the condition of the insulation and avoid any costly repairs or replacement. The advantage of online partial discharge testing or monitoring in this manner is that it works while the machines continue in their operation without stopping.

Thermal imaging discharge monitoring: also known as infrared testing, this service is applicable in low voltage systems. The method may also be used in building and other mechanical applications to detect and monitor any discharge issues. More information at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Transformer PD monitoring: this service is applicable in transformers to inspect their insulation condition, detect, and locate any discharge in the system for appropriate action.

It is advisable that when you hire services of online partial discharge testing, you deal with the experts. Only qualified professionals have the right tools, knowledge and experience to carry out the service to standards. For the best PD services in Australia, visit

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